hello. I am a dude. A dude who lost its memory. Please tell me who I am. Thank you!

Love, the dude

No I’m kidding I’m a girl. And I know who I am cause everyone knows who they are. I’m sure that you knew that this was fake without reading. I just told you what I meant, and how I felt when I wrote that part.

For the fact that you can call me choogs, that’s off point, so I won’t mention.

Hi there


hi I am just gonna was a good day day and day day to day day and i is the time of day to day day and day day to day day and day day to day is a day day to day day

Uhh I am a good day and I am a fart








Charfoal is the unicorn pet in Prodigy, which is my favorite game with math!

Charfoal is pinkish red with big blue eyes. She has a little bit of light pink too.

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