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hello. I am a dude. A dude who lost its memory. Please tell me who I am. Thank you!

Love, the dude

No I’m kidding I’m a girl. And I know who I am cause everyone knows who they are. I’m sure that you knew that this was fake without reading. I just told you what I meant, and how I felt when I wrote that part.

For the fact that you can call me choogs, that’s off point, so I won’t mention.

Hi there


hi I am just gonna was a good day day and day day to day day and i is the time of day to day day and day day to day day and day day to day is a day day to day day

Uhh I am a good day and I am a fart








Charfoal is the unicorn pet in Prodigy, which is my favorite game with math!

Charfoal is pinkish red with big blue eyes. She has a little bit of light pink too.



Today I was on a app called Clips I made a silly video  of singing a song I made up and it is called Pugs And Huggies and it is so silly

paws for pride


Today in Bush Elementary we had Paws for Pride during school. paws for pride is a ceremony where you get certificates, medals and cookies for being a roll model of a character trait. Character traits are Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Kindness, Joyfulness, Courage, Citizenship and finally Cooperation. This Month the character trait was ” Cooperation” and my brother was one of...

the bootling forest


Today I rode my bike from school to home in the bottling forest it was dark in there and a little scary i say it is called The cave of the Boot 20 but it is fake there are lots of bottling gems from fake trees

Note to kindergarteners


Dear  kindergarteners, I hope you have fun in first grade. There are fun math games and also iPads. It will be fun in reading, writing, poetry and recess. it is always fun there and there’s also good events like The Bobcat Bonanza also known as Spring Carnival, the sock hop that is the dancing and playing games and eating pizza and cookies. there’s also a field trip to the Oil Ranch...

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