One day there was a scare crow. but he wanted to be alive. so he went to a wishing well and wished get alive. he threw in a coin and said, “I wish to be alive.” and it worked. He decided to go to a store to get some cherries. he wanted to try what cherries were like because when he was a scarecrow he saw a little boy eating cherries and it make him want to try some of those red round fruit.


The scarecrow bought some cherries and he went happily home, eager to try them. He put one in his mouth and when he got the taste he said, ” These are so gooooood.”


The next day, he went to a scarecrow school where other scarecrows were alive. He brought his lunch and it was CHERRIES!!!!!


He loved being alive. He wanted to stay alive forever and guess what ??? he remained alive for ever!!!


Written by Ruqaiyah Yamani

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