So, this is a story about a Tooth Fairy visiting a 7 year old girl, Ruqu. It all began when Ruqu lost her 5th tooth right before she was getting ready to go to bed. Ruqu was so excited she took it to show it to her dad. when she came back to her room, she wrote a note to Tooth Fairy to come and give her money. To our surprise tooth fairy did come and wrote a note to Ruqu to be kind and pay attention to the special prayer nabi na naam. Ruqu did so amazing on her special prayer that night  that tooth fairy came back again and left her friend Repunzel with Ruqu. Ruqu was very excited to have found a friend that tooth fairy left for her. From the night Ruqu lost her 5th tooth until today, Tooth Fairy visits Ruqu every night. They are good friends now.





Written by munira

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  1. munira June 2, 2019 at 7:08 pm Reply

    hats off to mom1

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